Raymond was tender mode Seduction "perfect wedding dress"

Raymond was tender mode Seduction "perfect wedding dress" and Miriam Yeung about Jiedi Lian
Chrissie "perfect wedding dress" stills
Raymond Yan Fu in the film was infinitely tender seduction mode Chrissie

"Perfect Wedding Gown," Jie Dilian tells a story and one-night stand fruition. Miriam Yeung plays at the wedding the bride abandoned by her fiance, and then had one-night stand she had with a young lawyer Raymond chance to join her wedding planning company, they kindled a romance.
Raymond in the "perfect wedding dress" can be described as Yan Fu is not shallow, and Miriam Yeung film a staged opening to a "one-night stand", the two kissing in the film there are some beautiful opera.Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|MVCI TIS|D-CAN Interface|LAUNCH X-431|BMW Remote Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|diagnostic tool|Bmw GT1
Not only that, Raymond and the current hot goddess Chrissie tender mode field is also more intimate scenes blush, Chrissie more in the "perfect wedding dress" in a big show of 36D's hot body, bold seduce Raymond.
Miriam drama off screen scene moved to tears about Jiedi Lian
Day, the director Barbara Wong, a producer Zheng Danrui carrying Miriam Yeung, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui appearance. Miriam Yeung, Raymond turned witness, took the field led the 9 on the new marriage vows, and when the bride and groom kneel down to that moment, Miriam accidents soared tears at the scene. In this regard, Miriam said, "I was very touched, I think, and the small sub-scene of high-married in the U.S., in fact, I never thought that I would get married, that is, the minute was the courage and expectations before they are willing to." Miriam said, "met a man really hard right, I think my wedding end of this year, it may be Ku Cheng panda!"

In the "perfect wedding dress", the Miriam and Raymond talk about Jiedi Lian, and in real life, her husband Choji high Miriam smaller than 5 years old. But Miriam said two men initially did not know about Jiedi Lian, "High Choji looked like inanimate, I first met him, did not know he younger than me." Miriam said she matured a lot of marriage "Before I was wayward, but after the wedding, I learned tolerance and weaknesses of other people's mentality."

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